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11.04.2017 | Algemeen | Commercial, Dredging, Governmental, Naval, Tugs, workboats & high speed crafts, Yachts

It is with great pride and pleasure that we present Admarel’s new brand identity, which we call ‘Journey North’.

After a couple of years in choppy waters we decided that it was time for Admarel to set a new direction, and that is why we started ‘Journey North’ a year ago. Through this programme we have redefined Admarel’s mission, vision and company values and laid the foundations to further strengthen Admarel’s position in the maritime industry.

The destination of our ‘Journey North’ is clear.

For committed sea travelers who want to feel at home on the sea our aim is to be their trusted advisor; a center of excellence for advanced marine electronics. For them we will design, integrate and service complete and innovative AV, IT, Navigation, Communications, Security & Lighting control systems. We will dedicate ourselves to doing this to the highest standards and with a sense of responsibility which is second to none. 

Over the past few months the Admarel team has expanded by incorporating the AV/IT team from Alewijnse Marine. Together we have worked hard to align the two companies’ strategies, processes and cultures to enable us to move towards our destination. Part of this realignment has involved redesigning Admarel’s brand identity.

Our new brand identity has completely been integrated in the design of the Admarel website. The new logo of Admarel represents a compass pointing due north. The compass is not only the first product that Admarel as a company began selling, it is also a vital instrument on which every sea traveler can rely, all the time and wherever they may be. For our clients the compass symbolises Admarel, which will guide them on their journey through the fast-moving waters of advanced marine electronics.

As a compass always works more efficiently with charts, we have also incorporated abstract versions of charts that represent some of the main areas in which our service team is operating; Antibes, Antwerp and Rotterdam. The geometric elements of our logo (the circle and triangle) are shown on the charts and represent both ships and points of the compass.

Our new colours are bright and vivid, so as to represent trust, passion and innovation. Since we are proud to be an Alewijnse Marine company we have also introduced some Alewijnse red as well.

We strongly believe our new brand identity will help drive our ‘Journey North’, and we look forward to telling you more about our progress in the near future. In the meantime, we will be more than happy to answer any questions that you might have about Admarel’s ‘Journey North’, or to just share ideas.

The Admarel Team

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