Admarel introduces next-generation superyacht AV network

31.08.2017 | Entertainment, IT Systems | Yachts

The Virtual Matrix

Superyacht electronics expert Admarel is introducing a new solution that will have a significant effect on the ability of superyachts to scale up their AV systems quickly and efficiently. Working with top superyacht yards in the Netherlands, it has devised a solution that is highly flexible in terms of both operation and installation, and readily adaptable to changes in technology in the years ahead.

The challenge of adding capacity
Traditional superyacht AV systems use a hardware Matrix Switch that acts as an intersection for the incoming signals from sources such satellite receivers, video and audio on demand players, CCTV cameras, disc players, Apple TV and more, and the final destinations in the form of the TV screens and amplifiers in the various cabins and social areas. Typically, the Matrix Switch is mounted in a central server rack alongside all the content sources and has a fixed number of inputs and outputs, usually in multiples of 16. Once that capacity is reached, to add even a single additional input or output requires the fitting of an entirely new Matrix Switch, plus the associated cabling linking it to any new outputs.

The Virtual Matrix
In response to customer requests, Admarel has developed its ‘Virtual Matrix’. This does away with the need for Matrix Switches altogether and allows yachts to add individual inputs and outputs when they are needed, quickly and with minimal disruption. The key to this simple yet elegant solution is decentralisation. Instead of a single, central unit, each source is linked to a small, dedicated encoder which transmits the signal, and each output likewise has its dedicated decoder discreetly fitted nearby that receives and translates the data into HDMI. All the AV data can then flow through the vessel’s IT / IP network, doing away with the need for additional cabling. The encoders can be installed anywhere that is convenient.

Admarel’s Virtual Matrix system guarantees flexibility and adaptability as a yacht undergoes refits and remodelling, while delivering a top-quality experience that is actually more cost-effective than the standard alternative. All the latest functionality and smart compatibility remains accessible. The popular, yacht-wide party mode, for example, is delivered via the simple act of fitting an encoder in a suitable location such as the saloon or beach deck which can then be instructed to deliver sound output from any specified source to all the designated speakers.

While the distribution of AV entertainment over IP networks on board superyachts is not new, the Virtual Matrix takes it to a new level of convenience with respect to installation, maintenance and upgrades. This delivers a win-win solution for the yards building and refitting yachts, and for the technicians maintaining the onboard AV / IT systems.

The Admarel Virtual Matrix is available now, using proven components from leading manufacturers. Contact for more information.

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