Admarel’s EntryPod to debut at Monaco

19.09.2017 | Communication, IT Systems, Security | Yachts

At the Monaco Yacht Show 2017, Admarel will be showing for the first time its EntryPod; a compact, mobile, all-in-one solution for superyacht access control and visitor communications.

The EntryPod is designed to be mounted on a stand at the point of entry to the yacht, typically the foot of a passerelle, and links into the yacht’s security system via a connection port. Guests and crew members already authorised for access can use a choice of verification methods including PIN numbers, card readers and biometrics to gain immediate entry.

Mobility = versatility

Built-in CCTV and intercom functionality allow visitors to announce their presence and be managed accordingly by a crew member onboard. Unlike other entry systems the EntryPod is available as a standard unit made of stainless steel 316L and can be integrated with almost any VOIP (CIP), CCTV

and access control system using NO/NC contact for interface with the ship’s security system. In addition to the free-standing option, a range of other mounting alternatives are available, including rail mounting clamps.

Choice of entry methods

The EntryPod has been developed by Admarel in response to a client looking for compact, mobile units capable of delivering this mix of CCTV, Intercom and access control functionality. Market feedback has indicated that there is wider demand for a product of this type.

Technical specifications include a sunlight readable 5.7” intuitive touch screen user interface, the option of 3D face recognition for high security biometric identification via the 2 megapixel colour camera and an environmental protection rating of IP65. Power is supplied via the Ethernet connection to the yacht.

“This is a product that we have developed in response to customer demand,” said Dick Breure, Sales Manager at Admarel, “and the first units are in the process of being manufactured. It offers a discreet but highly capable solution to the issue of secure access to superyachts from areas open to the public.”

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