World premiere of ”The Ultimate Bridge Experience”

21.09.2017 | Communication, Integrated Bridge Systems, Navigation

Join us at the Monaco Yacht Show and be the first we show ”The Ultimate Bridge Experience”. Created jointly by Admarel, Omega Architects and Bricks & Goggles. The Ultimate Bridge Experience is a state-of-the-art, virtual reality environment delivered via Oculus Rift headsets.

 Visitors can explore a realistic 80m concept designed by Omega Architects that shows the latest thinking on the efficient use of space and which integrates the main functions; navigating, planning and lounging within a spacious, futuristic environment with sleek floating elements and a unique appearance. Intrigued? Come and see for yourself at our stand QP56 Parvis Piscine.

Why? The concept of The Ultimate Bridge Experience was born out of discussions with superyacht customers who sought bridges that could be an integral part of the yacht’s design and atmosphere rather than a separate working space that is all function and no form. Traditionally, bridge design has been determined by regulatory requirements first and the technology second, with aesthetics coming a distant third. The development of integrated bridge systems was expected to revolutionise the way bridges looked and operated, but up until now that process has been slow. The additional space available offers the opportunity to create an attractive, well positioned place to manage and organise everyday life and business organisation on board of the yacht. This gathering together is intended to be used by the captain, crew, owner and guests equally.

How? Admarel sought to break this mould by joining forces with Omega Architects and Bricks & Goggles, a leading VR agency specialising in visualising construction and fit-out projects prior to the build getting started. The three partners together understand the two very different approaches – design and technology – that need to be reconciled and the benefits that would be gained as a result. The key objective was to make the look and feel of the working environment and the accompanying ergonomics the starting point for the design of the bridge, and then taking advantage of the new flexibility of the technology to create bridge concepts that are both design statements in their own right and highly efficient command and control centres.

The benefits. Using Virtual Reality to immerse prospective clients and their advisors in the Ultimate Bridge Experience allows Admarel to take the experience to them, rather than requiring them to visit a physical site with a mock-up. They can move around within the VR scenario and interact with the virtual environment with a sense of realism that was unimaginable even a few years ago.

The Ultimate Bridge Experience is an invaluable tool that allows designers and technical experts to work together in a fast and efficient manner, enabling each to demonstrate to the other the visual and physical impact of their proposals on the look and feel of the bridge and so building mutual understanding and an appreciation of the challenges that each faces. Adjustments and redesigns can therefore be agreed more quickly and no-one is in any doubt as to what the final bridge will look like.

Where? All the parties involved will use the presentations in their own fields of expertise. Admarel will feature it at other shows, including METS in November.

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